May I check just a few numbers at a time to see if they are registered?

After entering the numbers and clicking on a button, the National Registry will display the list of numbers you entered and whether each number is in the Registry

How often may I download data from the National Registry? You will be able to access data as often as you like during the course of your annual period for those area codes for which you have paid. However, to protect system integrity, you may download data files from the National Registry only once in any 24-hour period.

What information can I access from the National Registry? The only consumer information that companies receive from the National Registry is registrants’ telephone numbers. The numbers are sorted and available by area codepanies may access as many area codes as desired (and paid for), by selecting, for example, all area visit the site codes within a certain state. Of course, companies may access the entire National Registry.

Companies that have provided the required identification information and certification and paid the appropriate fee (if they want to access more than five area codes) may check a small number of telephone numbers (10 or less) at a time via interactive Internet pages. This permits small volume callers to comply with the Do Not Call requirements of the TSR without having to download a potentially large list of all registered telephone numbers within a particular area.

What format does the National Registry use? Data is available from the National Registry using Internet-based formats and download methods that serve both small and large businesses. Data also is available in three different sets: full lists, change lists, and small list look-ups. Full lists and change lists are available as flat files or XML tagged data files.

With a web browser, you can access a secure webpage that allows you to select the download set that you prefer. For the small list look-up, you will be asked to enter from one to 10 telephone numbers on an online form.

You are limited to the numbers in the area code(s) to which you have subscribed. The full list contains just 10-digit telephone numbers, with a single number on each line. For the change list in flat file format, each line of the file contains a telephone number, the download date, and an “A” (for Added) or “D” (for Deleted). The change list data is fixed-width fields.

For both flat files and XML tagged data, if you select a change list, you will be provided all telephone numbers that have been added to, or deleted from, the National Registry since the date of your previous access. Change lists, for both flat files and XML tagged data, are available to provide changes on a daily basis (representing the additions and deletions from the day before).

To assist in automating the download process, the National Registry offers the option to set up Web services for requesting change lists in XML tagged data format.

Paying for Access

How much does it cost to access the Registry? Under the Do-Not-Call Registry Fee Extension Act of 2007, the annual fees for accessing the Registry are increased at the rate of change of the consumer price index, unless the change is less than 1 percent, in which case the fees will not be adjusted. For fiscal year 2022, beginning , the annual fee is $69 for each area code of data accessed or $19,017 for access to every area code in the registry, whichever is less. The first 5 area codes of data may be accessed at no charge. Certain exempt organizations may access all data at no charge.

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