Sparkly LED 300SBW

Sparkly LED 300SBW

The SPARKLY LED300SBW is a versatile LED lighting fixture equipped with 16/24 channel modes, featuring a 300W LED light source with a color temperature of 8000-8400K and a lifespan of 20,000 hours. It delivers a luminous flux of 4 877 lm and an illuminance of 16700 lux at 10 meters, with a minimum spot of 0.35m. The fixture offers various features including electronic dimming, adjustable strobe effects, and precise pan/tilt control. With a compact design, it includes a 1.7-inch screen display, color wheel with 9 colors + white, 11 fixed gobos + white, and 7 rotation gobos + white. It operates on AC110-240V~, 50/60Hz power

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Channels mode: 16/24CH;
Light source: LED 300W
Color Temperature: 8000-8400K;
Life time: 20000 hours;
Light Source Luminous Flux: 4877 lm;
illuminance at 10 meters: 16700 lux, minimum spot0.35 m;

Power: AC110-240V~,50/60Hz;
Total power: 350W;
Current: l.6A-3.2A ;
Power factor: PF;;o,0.95;

Display: 1.7 inch screen display, can reverse 180 ° ;
Beam angle: 2-38 °;
Color wheel: 9 colors + white;

Fixed gobo: 11 gobo + white;
Rotation gobo: 7 gobo + white;
Gobo size diameter: 19.6 mm;
Prism: 1 round 3 prisms, Can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise; Focus: support Ii near focus; with frost function;
Using optocoupler reset, precise positioning of pan /tilt.
Dimmer: 0-100% electronic dimming;
Strobe: Support electronic strobe and adjustable speed strobe effect, support strobe macro function;

Pan: 540° ; 8 Bit/ 16Bit;
Tilt: 270 °; 8 Bit/ 16B it;

IP Rate: IP20;
Product size: 325x240x570 m m;
N.W: 13.5 kg;

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